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  • CHC51015 Diploma of Counselling Course
  • Australian Accredited Qualification 
  • Guided Self-Paced Learning
  • 100% Online Counselling Course 
  • Industry Expert Trainers 
  • Pay-As-You-Go payment plan options available 

Diploma of Counselling students can apply for a Membership with the Australian Community Counsellors Association (ACCA)

Nationally Recognised Training
Australian Community-Counsellors Association ACCA

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Diploma of Counselling

Our Diploma of Counselling course is a nationally recognised qualification which provides you with the skills and knowledge you need to work as a Counsellor. You will develop the skill to counsel clients, their family, and staff through to undertake general counselling, helping guide people through the grief and loss, or to deal with family, relationship, major life changes and other issues.
Our Diploma of Counselling short course is 100% Online and it is designed to improve your counselling skills. Online counselling short courses are in demand as more and more people are looking for counselling services to help them with stress, behavioral and mental health challenges.
CHC51015 Diploma of Counselling course will help you acquire the right training and tools to counsel peers and staff on professional development, counselling therapies and decision-making processes.

Diploma of Counselling - About

A Counselling Course to Match Your Lifestyle

Designed to suit a busy person’s lifestyle, ACCLM Diploma of Counselling course allows you to study when it’s most convenient for you. With all training materials being online you can complete your Diploma of Counselling course in a few months or take up to 2 years, giving you the option to study at your own pace. Our dedicated support staff are just a click away.

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About the Course


Course Duration

52 weeks – (2 years max) 

Approximately 15 hours weekly


Course Delivery

Online and Workshops


Course Intake

11 Dec 2023


Course Fee

Special limited time offer: $3,950 (Standard: $7,950

Entry Requirements

Prospective students are able to enrol into the CHC51015 Diploma of Counselling course if they are 18 years or over and meet one of the following entry requirements:



Online Entry Quiz

Why Study CHC51015 Diploma of Counselling course at ACCLM?

Accredited & Recognised Qualification

ACCLM is a registered training organisation (RTO) providing high-quality vocational education and training leading to nationally recognised qualifications.

Qualified and Dedicated Trainers & Student Support

Our CHC51015 Diploma of Counselling trainers are highly qualified and have extensive experience & expertise in mental health, counselling & community services.

100% Online
& Flexible

Study online at your own pace. Graduate from CHC51015 Diploma of Counselling early or take up to 2 years to complete your course.

Affordable Fees

ACCLM’s pay-as-you-go scheme with monthly, fortnightly & weekly payment options provides maximum flexibility.

Make a Difference

Helping people to overcome their troubles is certainly one of the most valuable and important professions there is. Make a difference and enjoy what you do with this amazing ACCLM mental health course!

In-demand occupation 

The health industry in Australia & worldwide is booming, with a high volume of jobs emerging for the next 20 years*. Lay your foundation to success by studying mental health at ACCLM now.

What will I learn?

This course includes 17 units of competency (13 core units and 4 elective units), delivered as 6 modules of training.

Additional Information



Counsellors provide information on vocational, relationship, social and educational difficulties and issues, and work with people to help them to identify and define their emotional issues through therapies such as cognitive behaviour therapy, interpersonal therapy and other talking therapies.


Case Manager

Case Managers are responsible for assisting clients to solve complex issues with the aim of enhancing their clients’ quality of life.


Case Coordinator

Healthcare case coordinators specialize in arranging and securing services for people with chronic, acute or terminal illnesses, such as cancer, Alzheimer’s disease or AIDS. Some work with patients who have substance abuse problems or mental health disorders.

1. Diploma

CHC51015 Diploma of Counselling at ACCLM.

2. Bachelor Degree

Bachelor of Counselling, Bachelor of Applied Social Science, etc.

3. Masters Degree

Master of Counselling

Online Course Delivery

The course is delivered completely online with no classroom attendance required. A sound level of computer literacy is expected from students. Online delivery provides you with maximum flexibility, allowing you to study anywhere and anytime.
As all training materials and assessments are delivered online, you must have access to a good computer with internet access. You have online access to your facilitator and other support. This mode has monthly commencement dates and is available nationally.

Virtual workshops will be held throughout the course to provide practical application of your skills and knowledge.

Students will be provided with information about available workshops during their training.

Live Video Sessions

ACCLM Courses include optional live sessions over Zoom (video chat software similar to Skype) for all students where students can interact with their trainer and peers, have their questions answered, and receive additional support with their studies. Participation in these sessions is not mandatory.

Virtual workshops will be held throughout the course to provide practical application of your skills and knowledge.

A variety of assessment methods will be utilised to assess the student’s competency in each unit of this qualification. Each unit of competency will be assessed using any 3 of the following assessment methods:

Assessment Method / Task


Knowledge Test

Multiple choice questions, short answer or essay, often under timed conditions. This may be written, oral or open book.

Case Studies

Case studies are analyses of persons, events, decisions, periods, projects, policies, institutions, or other systems that are studied holistically by one or more methods.


Roleplay assessment through direct, indirect and supplementary observation by the trainer/assessor in a simulated workplace environment.

How Much? Fees


Before 11 December 2023
$ 3,950
Full Cost of the Course
  • Payment plans starting from $38/week
  • 24/7 Access to Online Resources
  • Online Student Support
  • Online Tutorial Sessions (optional)


After 11 December 2023
$ 7,950
Full Cost of the Course
  • Payment plans starting from $58/week
  • 24/7 Access to Online Resources
  • Online Student Support
  • Online Tutorial Sessions (optional)

Weekly, Fortnightly and Monthly payment plans available. If you choose a payment plan option & complete the Diploma of Counselling course before the maximum time stipulation of 2 years, you will have to pay the remaining fees before your qualification can be obtained.

Online Training Sessions

ACCLM Diploma of Counselling course offers optional live sessions over Zoom for all students where counselling course students can interact with their trainer and peers, have their questions answered, and receive additional support with their studies. Participation in these sessions is not mandatory.

Diploma of Counselling - Live Sessions

Education Partner with the ACCA

As a proud Education Partner with the Australian Community Counsellors Association (ACCA), we are committed to promoting the development of both new entrants and existing mental health professionals across Australia. Together, we continue to work towards building a stronger and more inclusive care model in the mental health sector. Click to learn more.

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