Caring for an ageing population

Q. Who is going to provide the required levels of care for the rapidly ageing population?

A. Those – like you! – who want to be part of rapidly growing industry sector with a remarkable variety of opportunities open to them and who are prepared to study the skills necessary to provide a quality service.

The plain statistics are a stark wake-up call to anyone responsible for determining the care requirements of an expanding aged population now and into the future. In 1964 only 0.4% (50,100 people) were aged 85 or over; by 2014 those numbers had grown to 456,600 people (1.9% of the population)* – that’s nine, yes nine, times as many 85+ year-olds today. For 65 and over the % of the ageing population has risen from 8% to 15% between 1964 and 2014.

Of course, advances in diet and medicine ensure that the elderly are generally healthier than they’ve ever been – but there is still a hugely increased need for specialist care given in an appropriate setting, including hospitals, hospices, retirement communities and individual homes.

Providing that care falls to a variety of organisations in the local government and private sectors. All such public and private bodies require well trained, qualified and skilled caregivers to look after anyone in our society unable to care for themselves for whatever reason.

ACCLM provides a variety of aged care courses designed for motivated individuals to learn the practical skills required to embark on, or further develop, their career in the Care Sector. From entry level to management and leadership, we’ve got the right course to complement existing skills and experience. Contact us for more details – be part of this fast-growing, challenging and rewarding industry.

*Statistics from the Australian Institute of Health and Wellbeing (