Care Work as a 2nd Career

Ever wanted to start a career in Care Work? Previous generations tended to stay in a particular industry, often in the same company or business, for an entire career. The decline of heavy industry beginning in the 1960s and 70s coincided with increasing fluidity in the movement of the workforce, across organisations, industries and most recently the opportunity for individuals to embark on an entirely new 2nd, or even 3rd career.

The Care Industry is particularly receptive to anyone seeking a career change. Many of the skills accumulated in previous employment – especially in areas such as management, leadership and organisation – are highly sought after in the Care Sector.

Becoming a caregiver is a rewarding career option being chosen by people who recognise the challenges and opportunities presented by the continued expansion of this critical industry sector. Globally the population is ageing and as Australia follows this trend the need for committed, qualified carers grows alongside.

Career changers frequently bring a level of maturity and life experience that helps them settle quickly into what may be a vastly different and unfamiliar work environment. Those same life skills also help when dealing with the myriad unexpected situations that arise when dealing with clients in care work. Every day is different; as is every client.

Complementing existing competencies with a formal carers qualification is essential for anyone looking to maximise the opportunities available when embarking on a 2nd career. ACCLM provides a variety of courses, from entry level to management and leadership, designed to help anyone flourish in the Care Sector – contact us for more details and start your 2nd career with us.